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The objective of the project is to develop the capacity of adults to intervene in the environmental education, by training adult skills and by developing strategies for approaching environmental education in context formal and non-formal.
In this context, our project and the partnership between the 6 associations aims to develop a transnational program for the development and exploitation of creativity of adults for protecting the environment and finding new ways to creatively recycle waste.


-Project management

-Information and publicity activities of the project

-Creating open educational resources

-Publish Creative Recycling Guide

-Dissemination of information and capitalization of the results obtained

-Realization of project website and Facebook group for communication and socialization


-Creative Recycling Guide that will be published as an open educational resource in English
-improving skills for 72 participants in transnational meetings
-1 project website for dissemination
-1 Facebook group for communication
-increasing the number of educational partnerships at European level
-development of the local community
-increasing the prestige of associations within communities as a result of the Erasmus + project,
-raising awareness of European Union support for adult education


– Asociația Sprijin+ (RO)
– CrowdAid A.P.S. – Ente del Terzo Settore (IT)
– Room for Art (CY)
– Slovakia VIBE (SK)
– Erdemli Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (TR)
– Eko Tim Istok (MK)

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