Posted on Settembre 5, 2022
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Changemaker è un progetto europeo che mira a promuovere l'empowerment giovanile e il coinvolgimento nella vita democratica sia locale che nazionale tramite un approccio bottom-up e partecipativo. Cosa aspetti? BE A CHANGE MAKER ANCHE TU!
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To train youth organisations at grass-root level and youngsters in active citizenship.

To improve cooperation and decision-making and negotiation skills of youngsters.

To provide theoretical and practical information for active participation.

To inform and raise awareness among youngsters and youth NGOs about: Covid-19 and green lifestyle, Inclusion & diversity, UE rights, tools and opportunity, Gender gap, European Youth Strategy

-Project management
-Information and publicity activities of the project
-E-learning course about: “Advocacy and lobbying”, “Digital skills for digital participation”, “Youth Empowerment”, “Leader-to-be mindset & fundraising strategies”
-4 transnational events
-Toolkit “Be a Change Maker”
-1 Newsletters every other month
-3 Videos on: COVID-19 and green lifestyle; Inclusion & diversity; Gender gap; Raising awareness about EU
-Dissemination of information and capitalization of the results obtained
-Realization of project website and Facebook group for communication and socialization

-Contribute to the improvement of youth active citizenship skills through non-formal training activities
-Increased commitment of youth NGOs in the involvement of youth perspective in the definition of decision-making processes.
-Strengthened cooperation and exchange of information between youngsters
-Improved knowledge and capabilities of youngsters on the role and definition of active policies
-Improved engagement of youngsters in the implementation of youth-led initiatives in their local
-Increased awareness of public authorities about the importance of youth role in the shaping of the communities’ future

– K.A.N.E (GR)

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