Who we are

CrowdAid is an association that operates in the field of international cooperation in favor of the populations of developing countries promoting economic, social, psychological, pedagogical and socio-health assistance, the protection of civil and fundamental rights, development sustainable from an environmental and energetic point of view, education and training, as well as any other form of assistance to people living in difficult conditions and extreme poverty. The association bases its activity on international cooperation and partnership in favor of people, communities and populations as a means for the affirmation of equal rights and opportunities and the achievement of peace and justice among peoples.

Crowdaid.it is a crowdfunding platform designed exclusively for the world of cooperation and development. The goal is to respond quickly to those emergency situations, which very often are not dealt with promptly, due to the long time to release funds and funding. Crowdaid.it represents a showcase that brings together designers and cooperation experts, as well as individual citizens, allowing everyone to contribute to change the world.