The Project



The title

The title represents the first approach of the potential donor with your project. Try to make room for creativity while maintaining a clear connection with the contents of your project. The title must be captivating and at the same time represent your project and your idea. Avoid titles that are too long or too descriptive.


The short description should be used to present the characteristics that distinguish your project in a synthetic way. Try to identify the aspects that define your project and make it interesting for a potential donor and summarize them in a few lines. Do not go too far into the descriptions but focus on the story behind your idea and why your project should be supported.


In the extended description of the project you have the opportunity to tell and describe all the details of your proposal. A successful crowdfunding project is always connected to a story; focus on the motivations that led you to start the campaign, talk about who will benefit from the activities of your project and their needs cialis cena bez recepty. Locate a protagonist or a set of protagonists and tell their story to allow those who read you to empathize with your cause. Remember that the focus is your project and not your organization and that the ability to synthesize is also important in the extended description: a text that is too long and complex is likely to not be read and to lose interest to the reader.


To define a figure for the campaign goal, we need to carefully plan the costs of the project and the campaign. In this context transparency is a fundamental characteristic; share with your donors the expenses you have budgeted to complete your project and explain what their donations will be used in practice.
Remember that the rewards you include in the project have a cost. Carefully calculate and select the most appropriate rewards accordingly and that you think you can support economically.


The duration of a crowdfunding project can vary widely. Identifying an optimal duration is a necessary move to maximize the response from your community and potential external donors. A longer campaign is not always an advantage: it requires more resources from your organization and does not always guarantee a better result. The duration of your campaign needs to be adjusted to your ability to engage your primary target community and your ability and ability to produce and promotional content.

Project FAQ

This section allows you to enter a useful set of questions and answers concerning the main aspects of your project. A schematic exhibition of your project can be a useful point for sharing your idea and for a quick reading by those who want to know your project in a few places. The FAQ also allows you to clarify some points that you think may need more details.

Images and videos

The audiovisual component of your project is a fundamental aspect that can make the difference between a successful and a failed campaign. A video is an element that allows both to present the project in an agile and stimulating format, and to share your project on social networks and on the web and maximize the reach of your campaign.
Devotes time and resources to the creation of videos and images, a project that presents itself with amateur material and badly realized does not have the possibility to attract donations and, on the contrary, could discourage someone who had been attracted by other elements of your project.
The video must be short (maximum 3 minutes).

>The rewards

The definition of the rewards is a phase of great importance in the creation of your project. The rewards must be in adequate numbers to reward the supporters on the basis of their donation; remember that it is important to establish not too high margins between the various rewards (inserting a reward for a 10 € donation and one for a € 100 donation does not allow to offer an adequate reward for the intermediate donations) and that these are proportionate to the requested donation.
The rewards can be of a participatory type (invitations to an event, possibility to participate directly in the realization of the project) or material (t-shirts, pins, gadgets associated with the project). Always remember to consider costs (shipping, fulfillment) to avoid promising rewards that are difficult to accomplish or that can put your organization in difficulty.