Terms and conditions of use

  1. CrowdAid

CrowdAid is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to international cooperation projects for the realization of charity and fund-raising initiatives. The goal is to respond quickly to emergency situations, which very often are not dealt with promptly, due to the long time to release funds and funding apoteketgenerisk.com. CrowdAid represents a showcase that brings together designers and cooperation experts, as well as individual citizens, allowing everyone to contribute to change the world.
The terms and conditions for access and use of the  www.crowdaid.it site are described below.


  1. Registration on the website

For registration to the site, to participate in the initiatives and to use the services offered on the CrowdAid website, the user must proceed to create the access credentials and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy according to the D Lgs. 196/2003 (Privacy Code) as amended by the European Regulation on the processing of personal data n. 679/2016 (c.d. GDPR).

The acceptance of the Terms of Use and of the Privacy Policy is an essential condition for using the services on the site.

Subsequently the user can personalize his account by accessing his dashboard, through the “My account” section at the top right.


  1. Users

Three different kind of users can register on the website:

  • Non-profit organisations
  • Fundraiser
  • Companies/Businesses


  1. General conditions and responsibilities

Every user can access the CrowdAid website and use its contents and tools exclusively for the purposes permitted by law.

It is forbidden to use the site for:

  • disseminating false information about your person or the institution you represent;
  • spread and disseminate false, disparaging and libelous news to third parties;
  • copy, modify or disseminate the site content, intellectual property and trademarks registered by CrowdAid, as well as viruses and any other technology aimed at damaging the site;
  • publish pornographic and content prejudicial to human rights
  • overload the technological infrastructures of the Site that may compromise the correct use of the same;
  • access the site and use any tool of the same to collect content and information without the consent of CrowdAid;
  • violate the law in force and this document of terms and conditions.

The registration, distribution or transmission of illegal material constitutes a hypothesis of civil or criminal liability for the User.

The User also acknowledges that all material publicly displayed on the site (except the one published directly by CrowdAid) or privately transmitted to the CrowdAid team is under its sole responsibility and not of the platform, exempting CrowdAid from any kind of responsibility to the contents entered and displayed on the site or otherwise transmitted.


  1. Utilizzo del Contenuto e Responsabilità

Crowdaid.org is protected by copyright law. The User accepts:

  • not to reproduce pages and frames on the site for commercial or non-commercial purposes;
  • not to use the name of the site and / or CrowdAid.

Any activity directed to the contribution of content on the site the User may only use contents of which he is the owner or for which he has received the authorization to use. By delivering content / materials / documentation to CrowdAid, you warrant that you own or use rights of ownership or an exclusive, permanent, irrevocable license as well as free of charge (including, but not limited to, advertising rights) , the right to exercise the copyrights of others, the right to reproduce, distribute, communicate to the public, transform and make such content accessible to the public).

Fundraising activities related to each individual project of the User may be transmitted to other websites, limited for purposes of promotion of the proposed project initiatives.

CrowdAid reserves the right to remove content that is detrimental to these Terms or in violation of applicable laws.

The right to use the site and any content displayed on it is subject to compliance with these Terms by the User. Any modification or use of the content displayed on the site for different purposes or not permitted by these Conditions could result in a violation of copyrights or trademarks and are therefore prohibited.

In any case, it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, republish, download, display, transmit, distribute and use any content or document present on the site without prior authorization for CrowdAid members.


  1. Abuses

CrowdAid assumes no responsibility for the content posted by users. If CrowdAid detects behavior contrary to these Conditions or from which it can derive civil or criminal liability, it can take all countermeasures and initiatives deemed useful and appropriate for its own protection and for those of third parties from damage, including damage to the image and to the reputation of the site, such as: limit, suspend or terminate the User’s services and account, prohibit access to it and, in the most serious cases, take legal action.

In any case, CrowdAid cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized or illegal use by the User, reserving the right to remove content potentially harmful to the law and this Regulation.


  1. Access and changes to the Website

CrowdAid has the right to suspend access to the Site and the implementation of services and activities carried out through the platform in the case of extraordinary maintenance work, for the entire period necessary for restoration.

CrowdAid can ot be held responsible for any direct and / or indirect damage suffered by the User as a result of suspension of the site as a result of force majeure or maintenance needs.

CrowdAid may make changes to the service and / or texts or in general to the materials on the site, for a continuous improvement of the services offered.


  1. Links to other websites

The site may contain links to different sites and not directly connected to CrowdAid, as a simple reference to the issue, with respect to which it cannot guarantee the quality and therefore is in no way responsible for their content.


  1. Waivers

With these Regulations, the User agrees to hold CrowdAid, as well as its employees, managers, agents, volunteers, from any claim or claim for damages from third parties that may result from the violation of even one of the Conditions, legal obligations or the rights of third parties. In no case CrowdAid will be held responsible directly or indirectly for losses or damages of any kind that may arise from the use of the site.


  1. Settlement of disputes

Unless otherwise specified, these Rules are governed by Italian law. The User accepts that any claim or dispute against him is the exclusive competence of the Court of Rome.


  1. Changes to the Rules

At any time and where necessary CrowdAid may make changes to these Conditions. The changes will be effective starting from the publication on the site and the User can accept the new rules at the first subsequent useful access.