How it works



Creation of login credentials: name, surname, email address and password.
Subsequently the user can personalize his account by accessing his dashboard, through “My account” at the top right.


You can enter all the data related to the project in the “My projects” personal dashboard (Fo r the course “My Account” -> “create project”). The following information is requested:

project title

goal amount – the sum, the number (in euro) that the designer proposes to collect

start and end date – start and end of the campaign, it is the period of time in which it will be possible to make donations for the campaign

campaign end options – concerns the possibility of continuing to receive donations even after the expiry date

short description of the project – short text that represents a quick preview of the project

video of the project – if available paste the address of the video ( youtube ) explanatory

extended description of the project – complete description of the project, it is possible to insert multimedia elements inside the text (eg images)

frequently asked questions – some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that could be raised by possible donors

project image – is the representative image of the project

reward levels – are the rewards for donations, you can choose the number, value and description of the donation thresholds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the project – hence the designer can post questions and useful answers to clarify eve n tuali doubts that might arise

updates (project updates) – here the designer can add information about the progress of his activity. It is a way to show the project evolution to its donors (and not only), every time you insert an update to the project an e-mail is automatically sent to the donors, to increase their involvement.


CrowdAid supports fundraising campaigns based on rewards like: take it all. All funds raised during the campaign are transferred to the planner, regardless of the achievement of the amount target.

La dashboard (personal area)

Account – the user can personalize their profile with personal settings:

  • avatar: personal photo (or logo of the entity of which the user is the representative)
  • name shown publicly
  • bio: a biography of the user (of the association he represents)
  • user’s website

Funding profile – a list of projects that the user has financed will be shown

Fundraiser Profile – the list of projects that the user has created will be shown

Creator account – here is a link to the Stripe page where you can connect your account to the Stripe online payment processing platform . Through this link you can create your pr or prio account (if not already done), or log in and proceed to connecting.

My projects – here you can start the creation of a project, or upload it to the platform.


CrowdAid retains a 5% commission on the donations obtained.

Stripe retains the following commissions on each donation received:

  • 1.8% + € 0.35 for each payment made


PayPal is a platform that allows the management of money transfers between different parts.

Donations can be made through a PayPal account or a credit card.