Crowdfunding is a form of collective financing, which allows for economic support for initiatives in many areas such as: culture, technological development, events, support for social initiatives, international cooperation actions.
The operation of crowdfunding is based on the involvement of a community of supporters who support our action economically and decide to fund it, often in exchange for a symbolic or material reward.

CrowdAid is a crowdfunding platform specializing in international cooperation projects. Our platform was born with the idea to offer associations and organizations a tool to finance their activities quickly with the advantage of being able to find:
A community that is attentive and interested in the theme of cooperation
A team of Project Managers who will support the presentation of a campaign and in its management

CrowdAid supports two types of rewards-based fundraising campaigns:
Take it all – all funds raised during the campaign are transferred to the planner (funds are routed to the stripe account that the designer has registered with CrowdAid).
100% threshold (All or nothing) – the funds are transferred to the designer only if the figure he has indicated as a goal is reached and in any case after the expiry of the project. The individual donations are configured as pre- authorization to the withdrawal on credit cards of the respective donors that are transformed into real transactions only after the expiry of the project and achievement reached / exceeded.

On CrowdAid all individuals who have reached 18 years of age, legal entities, public and private bodies, companies, associations and foundations can start a project.
In order to raise funds on CrowdAid you need to have a current account with IBAN and register with Stripe , a platform for managing money transfers through the internet.

Our team of project managers reviews all project requests to make sure that they contain the elements necessary for their presentation and the achievement of the best possible result. If we believe that the project does not meet all the requirements for publication, we will inform the proposer of the changes to be made in order to publish it.

Yes, registration is mandatory to propose or support a project.

The goal of a project is the sum, indicated by the proponent, necessary for the realization of the project. In the case of an all-or-nothing type campaign, in order to get the donations received, the project must reach its goal before the deadline.

In the case of an all or nothing campaign, the expiration date of a project is the date by which the proponent must be able to reach his / her economic goal in order to receive the donations received.
In the case of a take it all campaign, the deadline is the last available day to donate and receive donations.

The rewards are a way to thank your supporters by offering them something (material or symbolic) based on the amount donated. They are a very important element of crowdfunding campaigns and allow you to entice potential donors and make them feel more involved and at the center of your project.
You can, for example, thank them in a video, give them a t-shirt with the logo of your project, or invite them to the presentation event.

Project updates are updates (images, posts, videos) that you can insert on your project page and which can be used:
During your campaign, to increase your focus on your project and keep the attention of donors and potential donors on the progress of the campaign
During your project, to show how donations have allowed its realization and to create an active community interested in your activities
At the end of the project, to anticipate future activities and any new crowdfunding campaigns

If your project reaches its goal before its expiration date, the campaign continues. You can use this extra time to insert “stretch goals” and aim to increase the scope of your project.

The stretch goal is an additional goal that you can indicate in case your campaign reaches a larger sum than the one you entered as a goal. Campaigns often attract more supporters than expected and a way to entice new donations is to present an additional goal that can be achieved when a new goal is reached.

Making an offer is very simple. On the project page you are interested in, click on the “Donate” button or on one of the indicated rewards. You will be shown a screen where you can select and confirm the reward chosen and the amount you decided to donate. At this point you will be asked to enter your card details to proceed with the payment.

In the case of an all or nothing campaign, if the project does not reach its goal, unfortunately, no reward will be realized or sent.

Of course, when you select a level of reward you have the option to enter a number of your choice and offer an amount greater than that established by the proposer.

To solve all technical and access problems you can send an email to web-staff@crowdaid.it and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

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